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doreen-dilger-0002-web-readyDoreen Dilger, the master motivator, excuse eliminator and goal-getter Connecticut native knows how to start up a home-based business and make it profitable.

For 16 years she owns or has owned three rewarding and lucrative work-at-home businesses; PINC Management, The Home-Based Business Coach and Your 24 Hour Virtual Assistant. She also co-owned VIP Property Management Services before branching off on her own.

In her latest book, Power Up Your Productivity: 8 Steps to a Successful Home-Based Business, she inspires and empowers other entrepreneurs with lifestyle businesses by teaching them practical techniques and strategies for “balancing it all” and making their businesses thrive.

Since launching her “road map to entrepreneurial success” book only months ago, Women of Distinction Magazine, a publication in the United States and Canada, just recognized her as a distinguished professional in her field and honored her with the prestigious Excellence Award.

doreen-dilger_0015_high-resDilger’s areas of expertise are in time management, productivity and organization. “Motivating entrepreneurs to focus on goals, stop wasting time with distractions and seize opportunities is what I’m all about. I want to teach other women entrepreneurs who work from home how to take charge of their own sales, be more productive, make more money and enjoy a lifestyle business,” she says.

As founder and president of Women Empowering Women Mastermind Group and president of Litchfield County Women’s Network, her motivation for writing this how-to book was to “provide a quick and valuable tool for them to read and implement into their businesses.”

Drawing from decades of knowledge that’s based on her own personal and professional experiences, Dilger says writing the 100-page book was easy. “These are the exact things I put into my own property management and business coaching businesses. The way you do anything is the way you do everything. My only challenge was to get it on the calendar and write the book,” she says.

Dilger especially enjoys her consulting business and helping women all over Connecticut to achieve their goals. She finds that many of her clients who work from home don’t know what to do first.

doreen-dilger_0020_web-ready“Oftentimes, they’re overwhelmed by their project. I love to help them with their mindset and help them with action steps to get them going in the right direction. Also, the ones that are making excuses don’t know that they’re making excuses. I help them to eliminate their barriers so they can move on to marketing their businesses and generating more sales, which makes them much more successful.”

Dilger’s full scope of professional services includes one-on-one and group coaching programs, professional speaking engagements, monthly workshops, virtual and in-person networking opportunities, and business advice articles via her blog and website.

All of this is part of Dilger’s master plan to take her own coaching business to the next level. “I’m going to take an empowering women empire and move it along.” In the near future, she plans to start an organization that awards money to other exceptional women with home-based businesses so they can accelerate the growth of their sole proprietorships.

Power Up Your Productivity: 8 Steps to a Successful Home-Based Business is available in paperback for $12.99 on Amazon and

Dilger’s companion book, Power Up 90 Day Planner, will soon be available in December.

In Dilger’s personal time, she enjoys writing about other topics that interest her. Her first Children’s Book, The Adventures of Jack & Lilly – The Woods, dedicated to her grandson, will be available by January.

She also co-authored The Gratitude Book Project: My Favorite Christmas Memory, The Gratitude Book Project: Best of Pets and The Gratitude Book Project: Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude.


Apple Computer, Ford Motor Company, Hershey’s and Mary Kay Cosmetics all started out as home-based businesses. According to, more than half of all U.S. businesses are home-based.

This article written by Alicia Sakal originally appeared online as premium content and on the front page of the business section in the October 3, 2016 edition of Republican-American, a regional daily newspaper in Connecticut.

Photos by Dorian Mode Photography.

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