Real Estate Insider: Attract ‘The Weekender’ Home Buyer for Top Dollar

Candlewood Lake and the surrounding area are absolutely breathtaking.

IMG_9847 ALICIA SAKALNow that it’s autumn, there’s still plenty to do on the Lake, Squantz Pond, and the Housatonic River – like fishing, kayaking, and enjoying a sunny afternoon outdoors. The fall foliage will soon mesmerize the eye.

No matter what season, its gentle rolling hills and mountains, with an abundance of nature trails and preserves, beckons nature enthusiasts to go outside and explore.

Rich farmlands and historic districts also add to the quintessential charm of this region.

No wonder why visitors come from near and far, and some may wish to one-day own a picture-postcard weekend home, right here.

IMG_6915_AS (2)Pamela Dostilio, a realtor and longtime local resident, certainly sees a hot buyer trend that’s here to stay.

Although Connecticut residents sometimes buy vacation homes on or near Candlewood Lake, it’s rare – mainly because of the high cost of living and state economy. However, it’s all relative.

“I’m seeing an increasing demand from New York, New Jersey, and Long Island buyers that yearn to find the perfect weekender retreat surrounded by nature’s raw beauty. That, we have!”

If you’re thinking of selling your home soon, or perhaps a few years from now, Dostilio shares…

6 Must-Haves Weekender Home Buyers Want & How to Appeal to Them

  1. It’s All About the View.

IMG_6895 ASAlthough our area is known for Candlewood Lake, there are plenty of homes with gorgeous water features – like ponds, streams, and brooks. Peaceful mountain and hillside homes also appeal to many weekenders looking for a country escape.

To maximize the view, clean windows and get rid of outdated drapes, shades, and blinds. Also, move anything – like a couch or other piece of furniture – that’s blocking a view of the great outdoors.

If there’s an eyesore – like lawn clutter, downed trees, or a dead tree obstructing the picturesque view – then take care of it. Nothing should be overgrown and trim the bushes.

  1. Direct Access to Nature.

IMG_7428 AS.JPGWhat’s inherent with many of the lakefront homes is that the properties are steep and walking down to the dock area can sometimes be foreboding.

Although there isn’t much one can do about the topography, docks and walkways need to be safe. Any loose steps and railings need to be repaired or replaced.

Ideally, there should also be simple “rest areas” along the way such as an inviting bench, chair, or hammock, making the walk as easy and enjoyable as possible.

All of the lake towns have wonderful amenities, like town beaches and parks. Should your home be located near one, then leave a few bikes out or make a simple path on your own property that leads the way.

Leisurely electric golf carts can also be found on plenty of properties that have access rights to the lake.

  1. Outdoor Living Space.

MidCenturyModernOutdoorHomeEthanFlickrWith an amazing view and access to nature, there’s always an opportunity for outdoor living.

Maximize the nature scene by creating an attractive outdoor living space with at least one focal point.

Weekenders want to relax. They like to imagine themselves sitting, dining, and entertaining in a beautiful outdoor space. Invest in a few Adirondack chairs or a nice patio furniture set. Create a firepit or barbeque area in the backyard that makes them want to live in the moment and stay awhile.

  1. Style Sells.

InteriorRegulusAlpha.jpgMid-Century Modern and Rustic Modern are the latest design trends that many buyers like. Classics – like the Pottery Barn Look, Country Farmhouse, and NYC Loft Look – are in demand, too.

Oftentimes, many weekender buyers want the furniture to be included and will pay extra just so they can have it all.

Without going overboard, there are simple designer tricks to achieve “a look” such as mixing in a trendy accent chair, side table, or wall art with what’s already in your home. Try a new area rug and update soft linens – such as bath towels, couch pillows, and bedding.

Fortunately, there are plenty of discounted home goods stores and consignment shops in the area. Home staging companies and furniture rental places are also good options.

Overall, create a getaway look with simple, clean décor and lighting.

  1. Extra Income Potential.

IMG_3322 (2)Weekender home buyers are looking for a property that can be a vacation spot year-round, whether it’s a quaint cottage or a large estate. Even in the wintertime, there’s snow skiing nearby and ice fishing, too.

Many of these buyers are also looking for their weekend home to double as a rental property and want it to be livable throughout the year.

Especially with some of the older cottages, they need to be four-season homes with running water. If there isn’t any heat, then there needs to be a heat source such as a fireplace or a pellet stove. Ideally, the home should be insulated.

  1. Clean and Move-in Ready.

Awesome Modern Loft Living Room | ArchitectureThere’s something to be said about a home that’s clean, decluttered, and move-in ready.

Homes like this – that are clean inside and out – sell quickly. Nobody wants to clean someone else’s mess and visual chaos is never good.

Take anything personal down and donate, sell, consign, or rent a storage unit or pod to get rid of clutter.

The devil is in the details. Fix anything broken and make minor repairs. Touchup paint goes a long way. Buyers will notice a missing outlet cover or a cabinet knob and it naturally makes them wonder what else is wrong with the house.

Overall, the mechanics and structure of the home need to be maintained and in good working condition.

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Pamela Dostilio

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Candlewood Lake nature photos: Alicia Sakal, all rights reserved. photos: Home plans – Ethan SportSuburban, Rustic Modern – RegulusAlpha, Modern Living Room – Foto Miki Digital

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