Easy, Breezy Afternoon on Candlewood Lake – Brookfield

Late August is here already and autumn is just around the corner, so it seems.

On the Brookfield “side of the lake,” all-knowing beach-goers and boaters are making the most of this sunny afternoon, taking it all in and savoring just one more weekend of fun-in-the-sun activities.

Brookfield Town Beach is as tranquil as ever for a such a hot summer day. 

An occasional paddleboarder and kayaker, too, can be spotted coasting along the water’s edge. 

Cruising by the town’s marinas are always such a delight to see as the sun’s rays glisten upon the boats and scenery.

If you have a chance to get out on Candlewood Lake this weekend, then it will surely be relaxing and uplifting to your soul! 

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Photos & Article: Alicia Sakal


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