Local Scouts Kayak and Boat to Green Island

IMG_3080 (2)There’s a much calmer and more rural lake experience that awaits on the other side of Green Island, otherwise known as Chicken Rock to many lake-loving adventurers.

Green Island – an overnight camping destination for organizations that get permission from Eversource to camp there – can spend the weekend enjoying a direct waterfront experience like no other on Candlewood Lake.

IMG_3088 (2)This weekend – Sherman Scouts from Troops 48 and 148 & Danbury Scouts from Troop 252 – launched their watercrafts at the Sherman Town Beach. They boated in kayaks, canoes, and powerboats filled with supplies. Then, followed the shoreline up to the Deer Run Shores community and crossed over to make their way to the island.

Naturally, while on the excursion, troops enjoyed hours of hiking, swimming, jumping off Cupcake Rock, and an abundance of camping activities that only the simplicity of the “great outdoors” can offer.

IMG_5289 (2)On their return trip, the scouts took a cut across the bay, making straight for Allen’s Cove; all the while flanked by motorboats to protect them during their crossing. Paddling back seemed to take longer and was much harder than paddling there!

It was a spectacular sight to see… Thirty-seven scouts boating closely together in all of their colorful watercrafts, a sure sign of true comradery and teamwork.

For more information about the scouting program, email… Troop 48 (all boys) at jordinas@troop48ct.org, Troop 148 (all girls) at  troop148sherman@gmail.com & Troop 252 (all girls)  troop252danbury@gmail.com

IMG_5308 AS

Contributed Photos: Samantha Butts, Scout Leader / Featured Photo & Article: Alicia Sakal

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  1. Love this Alicia!

    Though we are now living in Chicago, I love these little glimpses into our “old” life. Beautiful pix, great subject. A lovely breath of fresh air amid the corona crazy. Thank you! Sue



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