‘Kitchens By Edward’ Brings the Showroom to Your Home!

There Are Design Trends and a Top-Notch Customer Service Trend That Are Here to Stay.

Especially in today’s busy world, wouldn’t it be incredible “if” you could save time and have a showroom brought to you, within the convenience of your own home, for your next custom kitchen or bathroom renovation project?

What if you could “have it all” and hire an affordable, local master craftsman and architectural designer who happens to have trained with some of the best tradesmen and architects in the industry, stopped counting after the completion of his 1,000th renovation project, and was also featured in Architectural Digest, Homes Magazine, and Houzz…

Now imagine if this expert with over 30 years of experience was also your personal shopper who could offer his great visual eye and would help you to select all of your renovation project’s building materials such as tile, hardware, cabinet wood, etc.

How nice would it be if this professional was so particular about wanting to exceed your expectations that he was always there for you and was also part of every single step in the process, and personally took care of every detail?

When you hire Sherman resident, Edward Schultheis, for your next kitchen or bathroom renovation project, this is exactly what you will get. He puts his personal touch, “Kitchens By Edward”, and his seal of approval on every masterpiece creation!

What’s Trending Now

Because Edward’s business is local, what he sees in design trends are unique to the area and he thinks they will continue to be “classics” that will be around for a very long time.

The most popular design trend his clients are requesting is the open concept floor plan that’s in the “classic” New England Style. What’s also in high-demand right now is the open concept floor plan in the Transitional Style, which is in between the Contemporary and New England styles.

“Because the homes around here were mostly built in the 1950s to the 1970s, they are due for a remodel. Almost all of the homes involve taking out center walls and opening up the space in order to give clients the bigger and more open floorplan they desire,” Edward shared.

Onsite Customer Service

Another trend that is here to stay, at least for Edward, is that he literally brings the showroom to his clients because “onsite is the best location.”

Although he maintains a perfectly up-to-date showroom in Sherman, he has found that most of his clients don’t need or want to visit a grandiose showroom. Instead, they want him to go to their homes to discuss their unique needs with him, and they do not want to see “someone else’s model kitchen” on display. After all, every home is unique and so are his clients’ kitchen and bath areas, and their tastes, too.

Edward believes that getting to know a client in his or her own home environment is especially valuable because the relationship helps to build a good design.

As an added bonus, because Edward no longer has large and unnecessary showrooms in multiple locations, he is thrilled to pass on the savings directly to his clients. The business comes to your front door and you save money, no matter what the budget; now that’s customer service!

Shopping with Edward

Edward finds that the best way to come up with a design is to “shop around with the client to get the tile, granite, cabinet, countertop, and hardware samples. Then, it is very important to bring everything into the home to see things under the client’s own light.”

Edward is also an authorized dealer for several product lines so he will pass on these savings to his clients as well. “It adds up. There are always better discounts when you buy direct, and through the years I have built special relationships with many distributors and suppliers,” he said.

The Personal Touch

Kitchens By Edward is highly efficient when it comes to all phases of a kitchen or bath renovation project because he is onsite at all times and is personally involved throughout the entire process, from the beginning to the end. In other words, he is both a specialist and a generalist and is always doing the design and construction himself. Plus, he personally manages and oversees everything. This can be as simple as inspecting an appliance or cabinet, or working with another tradesman or craftsman that’s on his team.

Since Edward is an experienced architectural designer, the design phase is one of his many talents that he is renowned for. He does the actual drawings by hand with incredible accuracy and realism down to the tiniest of detail, too. As an example, the Kohler faucet his client wants is the same faucet that’s in the design. Added touches like this are helpful to clients because most people are visual and they need to “see it”.

In addition to creating the custom design with each client, Edward also helps to get the plumbing and electrical permits, does the lighting plan and the floorplan, and orders the materials before the actual build even happens. Most of his cabinetry has a lifetime warranty, too, and he can make the doors to-spec, which is completely unique to the customer.

“Extras” and Customer Appreciation

Kitchens By Edward offers a Chef’s Repertoire to only his customers, so you can conveniently shop Edward’s handpicked selection of household kitchen item must-haves at an attractive price. Chantal, Cuisinart, GreenPan, OXO, and TAG are some of the name-brands he carries. He’ll sharpen your dull knives, too, if you are a customer.

Shhh… As another added touch, after the completion of most every project, Edward will help to accessorize your kitchen. As a “thank you” for doing business with him, he “might” show you his appreciation by filling a drawer or two with nice, high-end products. Edward enjoys making custom cutting boards and inserts for only his customers, as well.

If you think you can’t afford to remodel your outdated kitchen or bathroom, then think again… Edward offers entry-level, midrange, and high-end solutions.

For a free consultation and to make an onsite appointment, contact Edward Schultheis at: 203.546.8650 / Email: KitchensByEdward@gmail.com or… visit his website to get inspired at: http://www.kitchensbyedward.com

This article is by Alicia Sakal and it was featured in the May 27th Edition of the Citizen News, serving Sherman and New Fairfield, Connecticut.

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