Is Owning a Home-Based Travel Agency a Dream Job? Sabine Scherner Tells All

Vacations By Sabine
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“I was paid to sail first-class transatlantic on the QE2, I yachted in the Mediterranean, saw the midnight sun in the North Cape, soaked in the hot springs in Iceland, gambled in Monte Carlo, sipped tea in London, sipped champagne in Paris, got massaged in a castle in Germany, drove a Mercedes Benz on the Autobahn, dined on the Grand Canal, hiked Yosemite, and dove countless times in the Caribbean. I just love this business!” says seasoned travel consultant and business owner, Sabine Scherner.

Now, imagine being a travel agent for a living with amazing travel benefits like what Sabine experiences in which she has earned many of them through awards and incentives through the years. In the travel and leisure industry, there are also fam (familiarization) trips for agents to experience firsthand what resorts, travel destinations and cruises are like in order to better present vacation ideas to their clients. These travel agent deals are deeply discounted and sometimes even free, excluding airfare.

In an exclusive interview with Sabine Scherner, this business woman and travel agent shared how she got started, and the ins and outs of an industry with a national average salary for a travel agent being $56K per year. She also gave some “insider” tips on what it takes to be successful in this highly competitive travel and leisure industry that is expecting to continue to decline 12 percent by 2022, which is largely due to online competition like self-service discount travel websites and discount brokers….

Written by Alicia Sakal for Examiner.

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