Connecticut’s startups, expansions and layoffs announced

The Connecticut Department of Labor – Office of Research just released the August Business and Employment Changes Report.  The list provided each month is by no means extensive and is only a sampling of activity when it comes to job growth and staff reduction trends in the state.

The latest layoff news:

Announcement came from Smiths Detection that they are closing the company’s American headquarters office, located in Danbury. This defense contractor is cutting 130 jobs in February because they are moving out of Connecticut and relocating to Maryland.

The job growth highlights:

Three manufacturers: Memry Corporation, TOMZ, and C. Cowles & Company announced both short-term and long-term job growth plans for this year and within the next 10 years. Collectively, they will create 165 jobs.

Dave and Buster’s, a restaurant arcade, will bring an estimated 200 jobs to the area with their new Manchester location in September. Walmart, too, is creating 80 more jobs in their Manchester store.

For Connecticut State Representative Richard A. Smith of the 108th District, who represents Danbury, New Fairfield, Sherman and New Milford, this August update is not impressive because there are no major indicators that show Connecticut’s economy is improving significantly.

Richard thinks that the overall picture of the economy in Connecticut remains bleak. He stated: “Just totaling up the sampling of job gains and losses in the chart provided shows a significant net loss of jobs. Certainly, I am always happy to see job growth, but until we change the culture of over taxing, Connecticut will remain mired in a sluggish economy.” He also confirmed that “this report is just a snippet of activity and is by no means an exhaustive list of job gains and losses.”

The “chart” State Representative Richard is referring to that includes more detailed information about job losses, gains and expansions since last November can be found in this updated report:  Connecticut Business & Employment Changes Announced in the Media

By Alicia Sakal

Photo By jglazer75, Wikimedia Commons

Original article appeared on Examiner: Connecticut’s startups, expansions and layoffs announced in August

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