Job searching: The summertime job hunting advantage

Article and Photo by Alicia Sakal

Many Americans take late summer vacations right before Labor Day weekend. If you are in active job search mode because you are an unemployed job seeker, or need to make a job or career change soon, then now is not the time to take a vacation.  Don’t let these lazy days of summer tempt you into putting your job search efforts on hold for even just a few weeks.

Now is the perfect time to be planning your job search strategy for the upcoming peak hiring season. You should update and refresh any outdated career documents such as your online resume and social media professional profiles.

The reason for doing so is quite simple. Many Human Resources (HR) professionals and recruiters aren’t sitting on a tropical island watching the tide roll in. In fact, they are typically starting their behind-the-scenes hiring ramp-up process now and through August.

It is important to also keep in mind that often times new employer and recruiter job postings go up a few weeks before Labor Day weekend.

As a job seeker, this is a golden opportunity to get a head start over the “other” job applicants who may be taking a late summer vacation or mental break from their job searching efforts.

Applying to jobs now, before the next peak recruitment cycle begins in September through early November, can also put you ahead of other job seekers in landing a job interview.

In other words, your chances of getting noticed by an employer or recruiter increases this time of year because there are less job applicants applying to the jobs you are going to apply to since they have taken a break.

Originally published on Examiner -Job searching:  The summertime job hunting advantage

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